Things to know about this room:

- theatrical lights/sounds

- strobe lights

Consider this room if:

- you prefer a non-linear type of game play

- you truly want to be challenged!

Subject Zero

In the remote war torn country of Rajikstan, a scientist working for the government has created the most dangerous weapon of all time. Not only are you tasked with capturing the scientist dead or alive, but you must also shut down his prototype creation so it can never be replicated! This isn’t a mission for the faint of heart as only the best will return home alive. Do you accept this mission?

Number of players: 2 to 8 (very challenging for a small group)
Difficulty level: 4.8/5
Price per person: $25 (tax included)
Age Restrictions: 12+, parties with younger players must call us prior to booking as we may not be able to accommodate.