How many people can play at the same time?

Cabin in the Woods, Final Sacrifice and Bank Heist are for 2 to 10 people while Lost in Space, Murder Mystery and Quest of Honor are for up to 8. For Final Sacrifice, you must have a group of at least 3 people. Keep in mind that if you don't book all the slots, others could join you.  

Are the rooms hard?

It wouldn't be fun if they were too easy now would it? All our rooms are challenging but in very different ways. Our difficulty ratings can be found on the room pages but those really depend on who is playing! But don't worry, if you need clues, our staff will be happy to give you some.  If you prefer to do it on your own, without help, that's fine too! Whatever you need, we've got you covered. We want to make sure you're challenged but still have fun. And before you ask, no, we won't tell you how the story ends if you don't beat the room...

Is it scary?

Murder Mystery, Lost in Space, Quest of Honor and Bank Heist are not designed to be scary whereas the Cabin in the Woods is more on the creepy side. Final Sacrifice is designed to be scary so we highly recommend that you read the room description prior to booking. 

How long is each game?what time do we need to be there?

You have 60 minutes to make it out, but plan on spending 90 minutes at the facility. Arrive 15 minutes early for briefing and plan on another 15 minutes after you're done to gather your belongings. Please note that if you arrive more than 5 minutes after your scheduled start time, you will not be allowed to enter the room and will be charged a no show fee of $12.50/person.

Do we need to schedule or can we just show up?

We encourage you to schedule online to make sure that we have an opening for you and your team. Walk ins are not encouraged as we might not be able to accommodate you.  However, if you want to see if we have a last minute opening for your team, click here to check our schedule or call us at 704-837-0515.

If we don't book all slots, will we play with strangers?

That is a possibility and not necessarily a bad thing! Some of our best groups  were strangers when they first got locked in one of our rooms.  However, if you still think strangers would be a bad idea, there's a way to make your event private. Simply book all available slots (8 or 10 people depending on the room) and pay the no-show penalty. You'll pay full price per person present and 50% for each "missing" person.

How old do you have to be to play?

Because of the subject matter of some of our rooms and the challenging nature of the game,  participants for Murder Mystery, Cabin in the Woods Quest of Honor and Bank Heist have to be at least 12 years old.  Younger children will not be allowed in those rooms unless pre-approved.   Bookings for groups of children  12 and up (birthday parties for example)  that do not take all 10 spots must be pre-approved by our staff. Call us at 704-837-0515 prior to booking to discuss options. Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult (21 and over) (2 adults for Bank Heist)  from their own party who will be in the room with them.  

For Lost in Space, because of the expensive equipment in the room, players have to be at least 18 years old. Parties with younger participants (even if parents/guardians are present) must be approved prior to booking. For Final Sacrifice, all participants must be at least 18 and there will be no exceptions.

How much is it?

All of our rooms are $25 per player, tax included and payment is due when you arrive. Please note that we do not accept cash. For large groups that require multiple bookings, please call us at 704-837-0515.


We don't have an alcohol permit so that wouldn't be allowed. Also keep in mind that anyone who comes in under the influence of alcohol or drugs might not be allowed to participate.

Do you offer group discounts?

Our group discounts are for groups of 20+ people.  

Why do you need our credit card information?

We will not charge your credit card when you book, you will pay when you arrive. However, we do need your credit card information for our no show/cancellation policy. If you do not come or if you cancel within 24 hours of your booking time, we will charge your card 50% of the amount (at regular price) of the full booking. 

What if we need to change an existing booking or cancel?

If you still have the confirmation email, click on the link at the bottom. Please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of your booking time, your credit card will be charged an amount equal to 50% of your full booking (regular price), even if you were using a gift certificate. 

Is this game good for companies wanting to do team building?

This game is perfect for companies! We have already hosted many local, national and international companies. To solve the puzzles, you have to rely on teamwork, so this is a fantastic team building opportunity. We can host up to 64 people at once and even make sure that everyone starts their room at the same time. 


Download our Information Guide, which should answer any questions regarding pricing, booking options, amenities, etc. 

We didn't escape on our 1st visit and want to try again. can we?

We would love to have you get closure. The best way is to book the entire room (see room description for number of participants) and pay the regular price for each player and 50% for each overbooked spot. If you don't book the entire room and strangers are scheduled to play with you, you will not be allowed to play. The reason is simple: we need to be fair to people who've never attempted the room before. We also offer "do-over Sunday" 3 times a year. That is a great occasion to get closure for much cheaper! Dates are posted on our Facebook page.