It's Do Over Time!

Do Over Sundays will be held in February:

February 5th: Cabin in the Woods and Final Sacrifice
February 12th: Murder Mystery
February 19th: Bank Heist and Final Sacrifice
Februaray 26th: Quest of Honor and Lost in Space

$15 per person but you must have played that specific room before. Newbies to the room will NOT be allowed to join. To book, you have to call or email us since those rooms/dates have been blocked so nobody else can book. Any times that have not been booked 48 hours before the scheduled date will be released so regular customers can book. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and our regular cancellation/no show policy applies. As usual, unless you book the entire room, you might be joined by other people needing closure!

Canned Goods Drive - $3 Discount!

With your help, we are happy to be partnering with Loaves & Fishes here in Charlotte again this holiday season. For any booking in the month of December, bring us canned goods to be donated to Loaves & Fishes and we'll give you $3 off. One canned good maximum per person but everyone in the party can bring their own! No discount code needed. Cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion.

Do over Sundays are back!

Redemption time is upon us!

October 2nd: Cabin in the Woods
October 9th: Murder Mystery
October16th: Lost in Space and Final Sacrifice
October 23rd: Bank Heist
October 30th: Quest of Honor and Final Sacrifice

$15 per person but you must have played that specific room before. To book, you have to call or email us since those rooms/dates have been blocked so nobody else can book. Any times that have not been booked 24 hours before the scheduled date will be released so regular customers can book. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and our regular cancellation/no show policy applies. As usual, unless you book the entire room, you might be joined by other people needing closure!

Teacher appreciation weeks in September

We know the beginning of a school year can be stressful and we would love to help our teacher friends have a bit of fun in September.

From September 1st to September 15th 2016, bring your current teacher ID and get a $5 discount! 

Fine print: discount only valid for the ID holder, ID must be presented at check in and promo code GIVE ME A BREAK must be entered when you book. Discount cannot be combined with any other promotion. Any no show or late cancellation would be $12.50 each.

Proud Partner of Discovery Place for Beyond Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube has been challenging people's brains for the last 40 years so it's only fitting that the area's latest brain puzzle partners with Discovery Place in their current exhibit.

For this special occasion, Exit Strategy has put together a 10-minute escape room that will introduce puzzle lovers to this new way of challenging your brain. Come visit the exhibit and meet our Madame Senna on Friday June 17th between 5 and 9 pm for Science on the Rocks!

Promotion: Finish a Room for $10

If your time has run out and you're just dying to finish the room, we offer the option to finish the room as long as there is not a booking following yours. Simply let the staff assisting you know that you'd like to keep playing and if there is availability, you may continue to play for another hour for $10 per person. No coupon code necessary. There is no expiration date on this offer.

"Double Up" Discount

  • Play any of our rooms and receive $5 off each person for any other room played on the same day. Booking for subsequent rooms must be done in person at our location. No promo code necessary. There is no expiration date on this offer.
  • Play any of our rooms and pay ahead for a room on a future date and receive $5 off each person. Booking for the subsequent room must be done in person at our location. No promo code necessary. There is no expiration date on this offer.

Carolina Panthers' Exit Strategy Victory!

We were so excited to have the Carolina Panthers Rookie team put their teamwork skills to the test in a new way with Exit Strategy! The Murder Mystery team beat the room in 42 minutes with only TWO CLUES –– our fastest time yet for a rookie squad to beat a room. They got out so early, that we sent them back in to reset the room for us, which they did almost perfectly, and still in under their hour allotment. It sure got crazy in here as they burst from the room with a victory cry and some powerful high fives for poor little Jasmine's hands (which did eventually recover feeling)! Check out the video:

The rest of the team did the Queen City Bank Heist. This room is our second most challenging and the players got out in 61 minutes. Not bad for first timers! We admit, seeing a bunch of athletes come in, you get worried that they will find "alternate methods" to beating our rooms, but both teams managed to put their braun aside and defeat both of our rooms using only their brains! Great job Panthers! 

Exit Strategy Featured at the Charlotte Observer

Mylene Labrie can recite her business model in less than 10 seconds: “We lock people up in a room and give them 60 minutes to get out.”

Relax, it’s not as creepy as it sounds.

Labrie, 48, owns Exit Strategy, a Charlotte-based company that offers “escape the room” games for families, friends, couples and companies looking for team-building exercises.

The 6-month-old business, she said, taps into growing interest in the escape room genre – pioneered in Japan and just making its way to the U.S. in the last two years.

The concept: Players are locked in a room and have to use their wits and follow clues to find their way out.

Labrie’s twist: Customers pay $25 for an hour in one of two theme-designed rooms (a psychedelic 1970s room or more ominous “Cabin in the Woods” room) and solve a series of puzzles and answer trivia to make their exit.

After playing an escape room game on vacation, Labrie and her husband, Jelani Patterson, created their own when they couldn’t find any in Charlotte. Since then, the business has generated about $90,000 in sales, Labrie said, and drawn customers from 16 countries and several states.

“Children like to play tricks on other kids; we get to do that for a living,” she said. “It’s a scavenger hunt for adults.”

Here’s how she’s marketing her unique concept:

Getting listed: Look up things to do in Charlotte on travel websiteTripAdvisor, and the first thing that pops up is Exit Strategy, ranked No. 1 of 79 activities travelers can enjoy on a trip to the Queen City.

It took Labrie about six weeks to get her business listed there for free. When Exit Strategy first started, she offered potential customers a Groupon, where she said the discounts were marketed incorrectly. She pivoted and tried TripAdvisor, which displays customer reviews of hotels, restaurants and other travel-related amenities.

“TripAdvisor was the game changer,” Labrie said. “For the first couple of months ... 80 percent of the people we had visiting us were from out of town.”

Setting a price model: There are two ways to book Exit Strategy’s rooms. Customers can either go to the website and pay $25 a head, or a larger group pays a higher fee if they want to bring a crowd. Players who can’t find a way out of the room in an hour but want to keep trying pay a little more for an extra hour, she said.

Promising more rooms: This week, Exit Strategy will move from a 1,200-square-foot facility to a 5,500-square-foot building on Stuart Andrew Boulevard. The new digs, Labrie said, allows for the debut of a murder mystery room later this month. By March, she hopes to open a fourth room: “Lost in Space.”


Exit Strategy Featured on Creative Loafing

Thinking outside the box (of chocolates) 

Written by: Emiene Wright 

You've decided to take your significant other out for Valentine's Day. But due to the thousands of other drivers on the road with the same idea, you're late for your reservation to the hot new chi-chi restaurant. No matter, they've truncated their menu and crammed twice the number of two-seater tables in the dining room. You're elbow-to-elbow with tense couples on either side, ordering the same prix fixe special that overworked servers are slinging like hash. How romantic!

This year, we have a better idea: Lock yourselves in a box. Grab some ammo. And make it through the night alive. Nothing warms the heart or gets your lover's pulse racing the way it did when you first met like a surge of adrenaline.

So, we've hunted down a few local options that go beyond the restaurant hassle — or flowers and candy again — for a more intense Valentine's Day. Trust us, you'll thank us in the morning.

Mylene Labrie and her husband, Jay, are into puzzles. Like, really into puzzles. But not the 1,000-piece, grandma kind. The owners of Exit Strategy create themed escape-the-room games, where people are locked into a room and have 60 minutes to figure their way out, using clues that are hidden in strategic locations around the room.

The two discovered the trend, which is very popular in Asia and Europe, while traveling. "He knew I loved puzzles, so he went on Trip Advisor and found a company that did it," she says.

They loved it so much, the former teacher opened their own location in August, just past the edge of South End. Exit Strategy currently has two themed rooms: That '70s Room and Cabin in the Woods. They're adding two more rooms, Murder Mystery Motel and Lost in Space, come mid-February.

Each set is an immersive experience. The '70s Room is like stepping into a time capsule from a perfectly preserved, kitschy party den circa 1973. It's bright and cheerful, and reminiscent of vintage Brady Bunch or Doctor Who. You can almost hear the music.

Clues can be just about anywhere and like the era it's based on, clues in the '70s Room are free-form. They aren't sequential, and can be audio or visual. You and your partner(s) find them and figure out how they fit together in order to crack the lock and break free.

The Cabin in the Woods Room goes in another direction. "Some people think it'll be scary, but we're going for more of a creepy feel," Mylene says. Mission accomplished. The room, which is suitable for patrons as young as 7 and old as 85, is hella creepy. Still, "we have to make sure no one will freak out or have a heart attack in there."

Without giving it all away, the experience begins with total black-out goggles. The sensory deprivation is disorienting, but it heightens your sensitivity to temperature, sounds — clues. When you're finally granted some limited vision, what you see is enough to make fans of SupernaturalSleepy Hollow or the occult mystery genre in general pee their pants a little, in the good way.

It's fun, especially for couples with a darker sense of humor. But is it romantic? "Escaping requires teamwork. Me and my husband love this type of thing because it allows you to see your partner in a different way. Maybe they analyze a clue in a totally unexpected way and it springs you free," Mylene says.

The activity is also ripe for role-play. Maybe you're the genius sociopath detective, or the innocent babe with a streak of iron in her blood. Dress the part and get into the scene, unraveling the clues as you tease each other. But don't go further than that. You are being watched — and laughed at — on camera.

They've had couples bond on a first date, and many celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with them. One man staged his proposal and had them hide the ring in the room. While 10:30 p.m. is the last possible booking time on weekends, Mylene says it's good to schedule a meal after the activity if it's a dinner date.

"It's not a static event, like a movie where you can give your opinion on the ride home. When it's over, people want to talk about what they did. Sometimes they hang out in the parking lot, talking about the room and how they figured it out," she says. Or you could, you know, get to the more amorous part of the evening.

Exit Strategy takes on the media!

Escape the Room Company Expands in Charlotte; Exit Strategy Adds Four More Rooms in Bigger Space

Charlotteans and visitors worldwide can experience the thrill of escaping a room in sixty minutes with Exit Strategy, Charlotte’s newest attraction


The rooms are challenging, but our number one priority is to make sure people have fun. If we can do that, then we have far exceeded our expectations

Charlotte, N.C. (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

Exit Strategy, an escape-the-room attraction that requires groups to uncover hidden clues and solve puzzles to escape a locked room, is moving to a new, bigger location and adding up to four more puzzle rooms to its existing two. After opening its doors at the end of August 2014, the business has grown and demand for more rooms is high. In addition to the current ‘70s and Cabin in the Woods-themed rooms, Exit Strategy will add a Lost in Space and Murder Mystery room, with space for two more.

“The appetite for these types of mentally-challenging, hands-on escape-the-room games is incredible,” says owner Mylene Labrie. “When we first created the ‘70s room in our house to test the concept on friends and family, we had no idea it would grow into this.” Room escape games have long been popular in Asia and Europe, and are making their way into major U.S. cities like New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and now Charlotte. In fact, Exit Strategy is ranked the number two activity in Charlotte on TripAdvisor, with sights set on number one.

Based on the popular escape-the-room computer games, brick and mortar puzzle rooms bring the experience to an entirely different, challenging level. Locked in a room for sixty minutes, participants must work in groups with friends, family and sometimes strangers, to solve a series of puzzles, unlock clues and keenly call upon various senses and thought processes to discover the final key to escape – before time runs out.

“I was a bit hesitant when Mylene and Jelani invited me and a few friends over to try out the room in their house,” says Karlie Winchell, Exit Strategy employee and family friend. “But, it was one of the most thought-provoking, intense sixty minutes of my life, and a lot of fun.”

“We knew within the first month that our current space wasn’t enough,” says owner Jelani Patterson. “People come from all over to try out our rooms – we are up to 34 countries now – and we need to be able to offer a variety.” The new space, located at the opposite end of the same business park, is 5,088 square feet and will feature a 250-square-foot waiting room with brain-teasing puzzles, foosball and a collection of quirky props for group pictures.

“When people come here, we want them engaged from the moment they enter through the door, until well after they leave,” says Mylene. “The rooms are challenging, but our number one priority is to make sure people have fun. If we can do that, then we have far exceeded our expectations.”

Exit Strategy will run business as usual and slowly begin transitioning into the new space over the next three weeks. The company plans to post regular updates on its Facebook page, so the public can stay abreast of the progress, and plan for future visits.

For additional information, about the concept, gift certificates or room bookings, visit Exit Strategy’s website and check out TripAdvisor to see what brave visitors have to say.

About Exit Strategy 
Originally started in the couple’s house, Exit Strategy was founded by Mylene Labrie and Jelani Patterson, in August 2014. The escape-the-room-style company offers visitors a unique experience to test mental dexterity, creative problem solving and collaborative thinking to unravel puzzles and unlock clues within sixty minutes. Do you have what it takes to escape the room as the seconds tick by?

Today Show Anchors Take on Escape the Room Games

Still not quite sure how escape the room games work? Watch your favorite Today Show personalities have a blast as they work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and try to escape the room in under an hour!

While Escape the rooms are popping up all over the U.S., Exit Strategy is a private business and is not affiliated with this business. The brains behind Exit Strategy have worked hard to create one-of-a-kind rooms, like no other.

Exit Strategy would also like to remind our guests that these rooms are very tricky, so we encourage our guests to wait to consume alcohol until after you visit.