Carolina Panthers' Exit Strategy Victory!

We were so excited to have the Carolina Panthers Rookie team put their teamwork skills to the test in a new way with Exit Strategy! The Murder Mystery team beat the room in 42 minutes with only TWO CLUES –– our fastest time yet for a rookie squad to beat a room. They got out so early, that we sent them back in to reset the room for us, which they did almost perfectly, and still in under their hour allotment. It sure got crazy in here as they burst from the room with a victory cry and some powerful high fives for poor little Jasmine's hands (which did eventually recover feeling)! Check out the video:

The rest of the team did the Queen City Bank Heist. This room is our second most challenging and the players got out in 61 minutes. Not bad for first timers! We admit, seeing a bunch of athletes come in, you get worried that they will find "alternate methods" to beating our rooms, but both teams managed to put their braun aside and defeat both of our rooms using only their brains! Great job Panthers!